Planning a Romantic Valentine’s Getaway

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone has the same question in mind: What should you do? The go-to answer is dinner and a movie, but sometimes, that just won’t make the cut. The weather is just starting to warm up and the outdoors is becoming more beautiful every day. Gunflint Trail cabins offer a wide variety of options for you and your significant other to get away and enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful outdoors.

Options on the trail can range from campgrounds to bunkhouses to complete, furnished lodges. The great thing about the Gunflint Trail area is that it is open year round and is very family friendly. With lots of camping options located near the beautiful lake, there are many opportunities for you and your loved ones to cuddle up and watch the sunsets or get out and take a hike and enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature. The area also offers many opportunities for you to partake in what this beautiful lake offers. They have guided fishing trips, rock hikes, canoeing, and many more activities than you could possibly imagine. If you are an outdoorsy person and those activities sound like your cup of tea, then the campgrounds are a perfect choice for you. Renting out a campground puts you right there in the middle of the action, surrounded by the fresh air, trees, and wildlife.

If you love the fresh outdoors, but prefer to cuddle up next to a fire with a hot cup of cocoa, a blanket, and your loved one next to a warm fire inside of a secluded and homey living room, then the cabins are more for you. There are so many options for you to choose from for which cabin to stay. Some are hidden deep in the woods and some are along the edges of the lake. Many of the cabins have many rooms, a kitchen, a living area, and are even pet friendly. What pet wouldn’t love to spend their time with you and get to do a little bit of exploring as well?

There are many other choices for you and how you can spend your weekend with the love of your life; there are even choices for a relaxing bed and breakfast in addition to the more rustic Gunflint Trail cabins. Just be sure to choose somewhere with staff members that are friendly, helpful, and willing to bend over backwards to cater to your needs. That way, you and your loved one can have a perfect Valentine’s Day weekend.

Spend Quality Time with Family in Cabins

Take yourself back to a simpler time. A time when you could sit back and relax and not worry about work or household chores or other adult responsibilities. It may take you back to wonderful childhood memories of time spent in the beautiful mountains with your family and friends enjoying Mother Nature. It may transport you to a time making s’mores over an open fire or hiking through the woods in search of a beautiful lake where you will catch your dinner. It may take you to a time where you gather around the picnic table and play a game of cards while laughing over the funny things that happened that day. Those days don’t have to be in the distant past. You can recreate them today for your children or friends when you stay in Red River Gorge cabins.

When you unplug from today’s electronic world and get back to nature with your family, you may discover something wonderful happening. At first, it may be difficult to know what to do with your time because you are so used to spending it in front of your computer or phone but once you take a step back, you’ll realize all you’ve been missing while during your screen time. The woods will come alive with the sounds of nature and you may be amazed at the stunning scenery. You may also be amazed at how much fun your children can have when they are out in the woods. As they explore the area around them, they will be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cabins of various sizes and with different amenities make it easy to plan a get-a-way for just your family or a couple of families. You can spend a quiet weekend alone as a couple or enjoy a family reunion with extended family you haven’t seen in years. With ponds ready to fish, trails ready to explore, and even ATV trails to travel, there is surely something everyone will enjoy. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fishing boat of your own. There are cabins with boats at your disposal. After a fun day hiking through the trails of the Red River Gorge, relaxing in your own private hot tub will be the perfect end. With each passing hour, you’ll find yourself more and more rejuvenated and relaxed. You may even find that you check your email less and less frequently as you slip into the simpler time of your youth.

If the thought of spending the night in the woods has your remember cold nights in a tent with the rain leaking in, it’s time to create better memories by staying in Red River Gorge cabins. All the conveniences of home will great you as you get back to nature. You can choose if you would like to be completely unplugged and rent a cabin without Internet access, or if you would rather have the option to check that email occasionally. You can choose if you want to be close to fishing or close to hiking trails. You can choose if you want to go it alone or invite all of your closest friends to enjoy a cabin together. You can choose which new memories you are going to create as you escape to Red River Gorge and enjoy all that nature has to offer without the leaking, cold tent. Isn’t it time to get back to a simpler life?

A Day in the Life of a Dance Instructor

Dance instructors in Charlotte work hard, and they are passionate about what they do. They have trained for years to get their skills and abilities up to exceptional levels. They are talented both at dance and at teaching, as they must go hand-in-hand when teaching as a profession. If you are interested in lending your skills to teach others the art of dance, you may want to consider what it is like to teach what you love for a living.

There are a few different scenarios when it comes to sharing your knowledge with students. In the world of dance, you can do private lessons and essentially run your own business, or you can be hired on at a studio and teach someone else’s curriculum and make a commission on what you can sell. Both experiences can be very rewarding, and if you are not interested in going to all of the work to start your own studio or work from home, getting a job at a franchise is a good option for you.

Dance is a very intimate and demanding art form. Whether you are learning ballet, jazz, hip-hop, or ballroom, you are going to be working very closely with your choreographer and/or instructor. If you are considering this as a profession, you will need to consider how well you work with others in a close and disciplined manner. There will always be physical contact of some sort, so be sure you are comfortable with the physical aspects of teaching dance. This can be difficult and uncomfortable for some people. When you are a teacher and you are spinning, lifting, and positioning the other dancers, it is similar to the physical activity involved in massage or even the medical field. It is important to maintain a professional viewpoint. It is inappropriate to date or get into a relationship with your students, so learning how to view an intimate experience through professional eyes is very important for your career.

You will work long hours, and often on weekends. There will be hours of training and learning choreography,  and then you will practice, practice, practice. Your students are very dedicated to their craft and you must be as well. You will set the precedent for what is expected in class. Depending on the level you are teaching, there will be a lot of practice and discipline or less for beginner levels. If you are instructing young children, then of course you will spend less time and keep your instruction at a more basic level. If you are at a more skilled and professional level, your time and commitment will naturally increase.

Typically, dance instructors are extremely skilled on their own and work hard to maintain their own physical fitness and skill. It is possible to teach without being at the top of your game, but you will want to work to maintain your form, posture, and ability to demonstrate what you are teaching. Dance instructors in Charlotte love what they do, and if you are looking for a fun way to do what you love, this job will be very rewarding to you. You will be able to pass the love of dance on to the future generation, and that will leave you feeling very happy and satisfied.

Things to Know about Picking the Best Venue

When you are hosting a corporate event, finding the appropriate entertainment really is only half the battle. The other half that you will need to deal with is finding the ideal location for your event. Five of the major factors you are going to want to consider include the cost of the location, the convenience of the location, how many people the location can comfortably accommodate, the overall environment, and whether the venue has experience hosting similar events. You can find a lot of information on websites, such as, about finding the best location, but here is more information on some of the very important things that you need to look for.

Cost of the Location

First, a venue may be perfect in all other areas, but is not going to work out if it is out of your budget. You need to establish your budget in advance and know how much your corporate budget for the event will allow you to pay. This will automatically eliminate some locations with non-negotiable rental fees that are above your budgeted amount. It is mandatory that you know well in advance what you are able to afford.

Convenience of the Location

Second, you need to do some serious thinking about the location of your event. Although those guests who will be attending your event will likely be coming from all over the place, there are still very important reasons that you will want to make sure the venue where your event will be held is in a convenient location. Perhaps there is an excellent venue close to your office, or the possible location is in a centrally located part of town. Either way, location is very important and for a good turnout, you need to make sure that guests can easily get to your event and feel comfortable while they are there.

How Many People It Can Accommodate

A third consideration that is necessary to think about is how many people your chosen venue can reasonably and comfortably accommodate. The maximum capacity of the venue that is posted on the side of the door when you walk in is a great suggestion, but it may be a good idea to talk to staff at the location beforehand to talk about your event. If you have people moving around and dancing, having the suggested maximum occupancy in the venue at one time may make guests feel too cramped. You need to have some realistic expectations regarding the event, the number of people you expect to be in attendance, and how free to move your guests will be.

The Overall Environment

A mandatory part of finding the ideal location for your event is visiting the venue ahead of time and trying to figure out whether the overall atmosphere of the location is right for your guests. You can be getting a great deal in terms of cost or space, but the atmosphere of the space needs to be able to fit very well with the theme of the event or the ideals of your corporation or your group. If you do not put sufficient thought into this, then the location is going to distract from the theme or atmosphere that you are trying to achieve with your event overall. When you are looking online for possible locations, websites such as can be very helpful in providing you some different options. You just need to make sure that you keep the above considerations in mind when selecting the best possible venue for your next event.

When a Personal Trainer Works with a Pregnant Woman

Learning that you are pregnant is one of the most special moments of a woman’s life. When all of the hormones hit, though, pregnancy can be less than enjoyable. One of the best ways for you to keep your body in shape and stable is to exercise regularly from the beginning of your pregnancy. Over the years the guidelines for exercising during pregnancy have changed quite a bit. It was once believed that a woman should walk just one mile a day. Then the attitude changed and it is now believed that a pregnant woman should not get her heart rate above 140 beats per minute. Even though knowledge of the risks and benefits of exercising during pregnancy is relatively incomplete, it is safe to say that staying active throughout the 9 months is good for a woman’s body. There are some guidelines that you and your San Mateo personal trainer should keep in mind to make sure that you are staying safe and protecting yourself and your baby.

Weight Gain

Not all women begin pregnancy at the same weight and, therefore, there can’t be the same rules for each woman. If you are underweight when you get pregnant then you want to gain 40 pounds. If you were normal weight when you got pregnant then you want to gain between 25 and 32 pounds, and if you were overweight at conception then you want to gain 15 pounds. The more weight you gain during pregnancy, the more you will have to lose afterwards and the higher the risk of long-term obesity. Also, if you gain too much weight you may find that you experience more discomfort than you would normally during pregnancy.

Exercise Duration

It is recommended that pregnant women keep their exercise sessions between 30 and 40 minutes. During the first trimester, while the major systems are being formed in the baby, the woman should feel more fatigue than normal. Exercising during this time should be moderate and stopped immediately when fatigue sets it. In fact, every San Mateo personal trainer will know that it’s better that the exercise come to an end before the fatigue even sets in. When the second trimester comes, however, the energy levels usually increase and there should be less fatigue experienced during exercise. As a pregnant woman, though, you should always listen to your body and make sure that you aren’t pushing yourself beyond what you are capable of.